Dishwashing Liquid

Concentrated liquid

Application: Use 5ml (one teaspoon) of product for entire sink load

For heavy duty cleaning (example pots used for roasting etc) use 10ml product and let soak for 10 minutes.

Pour product into sink and turn on tap allowing heavy suds to form and let the product do its work!


Our Bleach product is a chlorine based disinfectant and cleaner.

Application: Ideal for sanitising and disinfecting washrooms, showers, toilets, counter tops, food preparation areas, tiles and whitening of laundry. Use undiluted to kill and remove mildew and mould.

Dilution for cleaning of toilets, baths, floors etc use 1:50 dilution.

For bleaching clothes (laundry use) soak clothes at a dilution 1:100

General Purpose Handy Cream

The General Purpose Cream (Handy- Type) is an ammoniated cleaner for all functional surfaces.

The cleaning cream contains millions of micro-particles, ammonia, pine oil and powerful surfactants.

Application: Using a cloth rub the product into stainless steel (stove top) or porcelain (baths, basins) or any other solid surface.. Work the product in, and buff off for a brilliant shine and sparkling clean result.

Degreaser Spray and

Concentrated household and industrial general purpose cleaner.

Application: For normal cleaning dilute one cup of product to one cup warm water. For heavy duty use undiluted.

Ideal for kitchen, tiles, ovens, stove-tops, granite kitchens, bathrooms, counters, or any greasy surface – use neat Spray & Wipe.

Ideal for carpets and rugs stain removal.

Pine Gel

Cleaner and Disinfectant of Bathroom, Tiles, Floors.

Application: Dilute product 1:20 with warm or hot water for normal use.

Not suitable for wooden floors.

Leaves a long-lasting burst of freshness.

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper – We spent several years searching for the right partner to produce Toilet Paper to our strict specifications.

350 sheets per rolls – Very importantly VIRGIN paper, high quality single sheet extremely popular and trusted.

Supplied by the bale (comprising 48 rolls)

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